Gran Sarrià

  • Israel Horovitz - 106 min
    An American inherits an apartment in Paris that comes with an unexpected resident
    16.10, 19.00, 22.00    
  • David Gordon - 97 min
    Left heartbroken by the woman he loved and lost many years ago, Manglehorn, an eccentric small-town locksmith, tries to start his life over again with the help of a new friend
    18.00, 22.00    
  • Ariel Winograd - 100 min
    Gabriel is a divorcee whose life revolves around his daughter's care. Then Vicky, a former love of Gabriel, appears and they begin dating. The problem is that she doesn't want to date a man with children, so Gabriel lies from the beginning and hides the existance of his daughter
    16.00, 18.05, 20.10, 22.15    
  • Matt Shakman - 93 min
    A young man's life is unraveled after witnessing a murder that he filmed in his rural town of Cut Bank, Montana
    16.05, 18.05, 20.10, 22.10    
  • Bill Condon - 103 min
    An aged, retired Sherlock Holmes looks back on his life, and grapples with an unsolved case involving a beautiful woman
    16.00, 18.05, 20.10, 22.15    
  • John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein - 99 min
    Rusty Griswold takes his own family on a road trip to Walley World in order to spice things up with his wife and reconnect with his sons
    16.00, 20.00    
  • Enrique Gato - 91 min
    Mike Goldwing is a 12 year old boy, son and grandson of astronauts. To reconcile his family, he has to capture the most significant flag in the world, the one that was put in the moon by the astronauts in Apolo XI mission
    16.00, 18.00, 20.00, 22.00    
  • Marie Belhomme - 83 min
    Perrine lives alone and works as an entertainer on birthdays and other celebrations. Everything changes when she causes a man accidentally fall into a weir and into a coma
    16.10, 18.00, 20.05, 22.10    
  • Fernando León de Aranoa - 105 min
    A group of aid workers work to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone
    16.00, 18.10, 20.10, 22.15    
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