Cinemes Girona

  • Mariana Rondón - 93 min
    A nine-year-old boy's preening obsession with straightening his hair elicits a tidal wave of homophobic panic in his hard-working mother
    Fri 17.30. Sat-Mon 18.00. Tue 17.00
  • Antonio Hens - 94 min
    Cuba is not a country for young gays. Teen rent boy Reinier falls in love with a mate in the slum soccer field at their neighbourhood in Havana. Although obsessed with moneymaking to hold up his baby, teen wife and wife's granma, gambler Reinier always fails in getting the stoke of luck he looks for. At the same time he cannot help being infatuated by Yosvani. Handsome Yosvani will give up his wealthy and elder girlfriend whom he hooked to pay him a lavish life in the big city, and the works he makes for her father, a loan thug, so much in love he is with Reinier. But the boys would fight hard to keep this love in the reckless Havana streets
    Fri,Wen,Thu 21.45. Sat-Mon,Wen 22.00
  • Aram Garriga - 77 min
    Documentary film about Evangelical Christianism in the USA
    Wen 19.30
  • Marc Barbena - 0 min
    While waiting for her dead due to a pancreas cancer, Sofía del Valle starts a revolution when she kills Health minister
    Wen 20.00
  • Aitor Fernández - 100 min
    The histories of 107 anonymous build a completely coherent history that will be a reference for the younger generation, those who want to take the witness of the social struggles held in the Second Republic and of the resistance against Franco
    Thu 19.45
  • Jorge Algora - 95 min
    Fabian works as a bank executive. After one of his colleagues in the bank dies, he falls into crisis. His wife, Mariela, is a psychologist and treats a pacient called Olga, an embittered woman who tries to take her frustration out on her. Fabian meets a famous blind author, who tries to help him. Following his advice, Fabian embarks himself on a relationship with Alicia, a young artist that he considers his inevitable love
    Fri,Wen,Thu 17.30, 19.30. Sat-Mon 16.00, 18.00. Sat,Sun 20.00
  • Tony Krantz - 101 min
    A private detective is hired to find a missing stripper. A simple job turns complicated when everyone he questions ends up dead
    Fri,Tue-Thu 17.30. Sat,Sun 16.00
  • Tony Krantz - 101 min
    A private detective is hired to find a missing stripper. A simple job turns complicated when everyone he questions ends up dead
    Fri,Tue,Thu 19.30. Sat,Sun 18.00. Sun,Mon 20.00. Mon 22.00. Wen 21.30
  • Lucy Mulloy - 90 min
    In Havana, Raul dreams of escaping to Miami. Accused of assault, he appeals to Elio to help him reach the forbidden world 90 miles across the ocean. One night, full of hope, they face the biggest challenge of their lives
    Fri,Tue,Thu 21.30. Sat 22.15. Sun 22.00. Mon 16.00
  • Basil da Cunha - 99 min
    Straight out of jail, Sombra returns to his life as a drug dealer in the creole slum of Lisbon. In between the money he has lent and can't get back, the money he owes, a fanciful iguana, an...
    Fri,Wen,Thu 21.30. Fri 19.30. Sat-Mon 16.00, 20.00. Sat,Sun 22.00. Tue 18.45. Wen,Thu 17.30
  • Tae-gyun Kim - 120 min
    Based on true events, it tells the story of an exfootballer who after failing in his country, he was sent to East Timor to train a group of children. Despite the inexperience of the coach and the poverty these children live in, with effort and enthusiasm they are capable of anything
    Sat 20.00
Girona, 173-175
93 118 45 31
8 € y 6,50 € (miércoles y jueves-día espectador, Carnet Jove y mayores de 65 años) €
Verdaguer (L4-L5)