Cinemes Girona

  • José María Goenaga, Jon Garaño - 99 min
    Ane's life turns around when, week after week, she receives a bunch of flowers at home. Always at the same time and always without a senders note
    Wen,Thu 18.00    O.V.S.S.
  • Oriol Martínez, Enric Ribes - 61 min
    Joan Pahisa is 27 years old and has a huge passion: basketball. It would be nothing extraordinary except for a detail: he's exactly one meter tall. Joan's life has not been easy, but sport has helped him go ahead
    Thu 20.00    In catalan
  • Claudio Zulian - 102 min
    Based on real events, the film follows the adventures of coppersmith Bonaventura, his sister Marianna and the rich merchant Vicenç, with whom both have pending issues. All of them lived at the beginning of c XVIII in the disappeared neighbourhood of El Bornet in Barcelona. Three persons facing up to a time of big social, political and also intimate mutations. A time that still being ours
    Wen,Thu 18.00    In catalan
  • Rai Caor - 60 min
    Documentary in which teachers, personalities from various fields and teenagers share values for social and cultural transformation
    Wen 20.00    In catalan
  • Sergi Cervera - 65 min
    It tells the love story between Bernat and Miriam, two lonely people who are on the Portuguese island of Madeira
    Wen 21.45    In catalan
  • Eric Boadella - 78 min
    When you are haunted by a family legacy, the tradition must live on
    Thu 22.00    O.V.S.S.
  • Rebecca Thomas - 96 min
    Rachel, a young teenager from a fundamentalist Mormon community, believes in immaculate conception, while her fundamentally religious family regards her condition as an intolerable transgression. The search for the child's origins is a revelation for the 15-year-old
    Wen,Thu 22.00    O.V.S.C.
  • Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis - 96 min
    An aging nightclub hostess decides to settle down and get married
    Wen,Thu 18.00, 21.30    O.V.S.S.
  • Jordi Marcos - 70 min
    This documentary shows the impact that Johan Cruyff, FC Barcelona's former player, had on Catalonia's society and culture
    Wen,Thu 20.00    In catalan
  • Hernán Zin - 78 min
    Filmed during the Israeli offensive that devastated the Gaza Strip in July and August of 2014, this documentary follows the daily lives of 10 Palestinian children under the bombs
    Wen,Thu 20.00    O.V.S.S.
Girona, 173-175
93 118 45 31
8 € y 6,50 € (miércoles y jueves-día espectador, Carnet Jove y mayores de 65 años) €
Verdaguer (L4-L5)